Wireless Garduino

The wireless garduino device is based upon the ESP Bridge device that I created for general integration into different projects.

ESP Bridge Device

The Arduino attaches to a light sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, and a soil moisture sensor for taking readings, and monitoring of environmental conditions.

Additionally, the Arduino controls a peristaltic pump through a DC motor driver, and a grow light through a solid state relay breakout.

Through the REST API provided by the ESP8266 device, a PHP server polls the different sensors based upon a configured schedule, and turns on the light, or pumps water based upon a schedule, or sensor readings.

Additionally, the server records sensor readings in a MySQL database, and provides an interface for viewing sensor readout in a dynamic graph (Google Charts API).

The server software is the same as that provided in the ESP Bridge Device post, with database entries added for the commands specific to this project.

The first iteration of the project is mounted on a wooden frame that holds the everything in place, and with adequate dimensions for a potted plant.

I have created a detailed parts list with in Google Sheets.

The ESP Bridge firmware is the same as that provided in the linked post. However, the Arduino sketch is specific to this project, and can be downloaded below:

ESP Bridge Wireless Garduino Sketch