Wireless Garduino

The wireless garduino device is based upon the ESP Bridge device that I created for general integration into different projects.

ESP Bridge Device

The Arduino attaches to a light sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, and a soil moisture sensor for taking readings, and monitoring of environmental conditions.

Additionally, the Arduino controls a peristaltic pump through a DC motor driver, and a grow light through a solid state relay breakout.

A quick guide to using the flash on the ESP8266

If you’re anything like me, and learning how to use micro controllers, you have probably learned that there is value in being able to save data, or settings between power cycles of your device.

For a long time, there was a significant learning curve, and no good explanation of how that would work.  However, during a recent project, the incentives to learn became significant enough, that I took it upon myself to do research, and piece together what tidbits I could find, until things started making sense.

Gardening for nerds

I have always enjoyed plants. They are often beautiful, and when they aren’t, they are usually incredibly interesting.

Growing plants of my own has always been a challenge. Up until recently, I have not lived in a place where I felt comfortable taking ownership of the space. Additionally, I have been terribly absent-minded, and unmotivated.

However, I recently, married and bought a house which means I now have control of space.

My wife is interested in growing plants which gives me some motivation.